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Where do I start?

the first post

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who is this guy?

Hey, My name is Luke and I am an editor and camera operator from Scotland currently based in Paris, France. Come join me on my journey in filmmaking and live a creative/creator life...let's see how it goes!

I want to talk about the steps that you can take to start off in your career as a creative professional (basically what I'm doing right now). Many people start out in my position, with a university degree and are full of hope, we go out looking for jobs as everyone does. Endless Google searches, sending hundreds of emails to all job offers that you can find, to no avail. I began asking myself what would give me the best chances of getting that response phone call or email.

I was getting more and more aware of what I wasn't doing that could be harming the chances of me getting a job. So I have taken some steps to give myself the most professional look to potential collaborators. The first step was to make a proper website....

step 1 - custom website

Of course I had a website before and a pretty decent one at was free, along with that came a weird url. It made me look cheap, amateur,  like someone who wasn't serious about what they were doing. I invested and am now paying to host the website and have a custom domain. I was super lucky to get my name as my url. Pretty awesome right!

Creating this space allows me to have control on how and where people see my work. This way there is one place to see everything.

step 2 - business cards

Stepping up my networking game, in my case I don't have a network where I am,  as I grew up and studied in a different country than where I live now that puts me on the back foot.

Business cards should be:

  • Essential info only
  • Eye-catching
  • Simple design
  • In line with who you are as a creative
luke mccarthy business card for camera operator

The real life versions will have shiny metallic gold texture.

luke mccarthy business card for video editor

I decided to make two different cards, it will help when searching for a job. Being as specific as you can, will show that you know what you are doing and what you want to be, I thought of putting videaste/videographer but that name has the reputation of being amature. The two different titles that I have I chosen best reflect me and what I want to do in the future.

Loyalty is very important in this type of industry, that's why you will find directors and DOP's working together regularly, which makes it difficult to introduce yourself this more targeted strategy will help to inspire confidence.

Starting this blog

Nowadays it really is not enough to just have a nice CV and a good looking business card. Social media and internet presence is where it's at. A few months I came across a podcast from Cinematography Database with the moto - Shoot, Create, Share.

"Cinematographers today, are not only responsible for making beautiful imagery, they’re also responsible for marketing themselves and networking"

After listening to this it really made me think about what I am doing and what I had been short not a lot. Whilst watching many people on YouTube that have the same skills as you and seeing their careers explode we forget that the difference between them and you is that they're getting their work out to thousands people.. And then you wonder why you're not everyone's first thought. By creating this it will help to create a brand around my work.

Showing people who I am as person and not just a CV .

A blog challenge

I'm giving myself challenge to post here at least once a week. Starting from now Sunday 11th Jun 2017.

Subscribe to the blog below and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

See you next Time!

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